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Accommodation Osaka Japan

Contact us

Contact us

[For all people]

◎We try to reply you as soon as possible but sometimes it takes a time.

◎if don’t get any reply from us after 3 days, probably something wrong with the system, I’m sorry but please resend a message if faced that problem.

◎please take a look below “FAQ” before contact to us.

― FAQ ―


Q. Check in/check out time
Q. Do you have curfew?

2)Reservation and payment

Q. would you check the availability for...?
Q. May I make a reservation on the phone?
Q. I would like to make a reservation for today!
Q. I want to stay longer.
Q. How about cancellation?


Q. Is there free wifi in the room?
Q. What do I have to bring amenities to there?
Q. Do you have car parking?


Q. Can leave luggage before/after check in/check out?
Q. Do you have any service taking or dropping off at an airport?


Q. Is there any restaurants or convenience store around accommodation?
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